"To Be The #1 Visitor Platform For Lunenburg County"

It’s bold, ambitious, scary, but we really think we can do this, with your help!

How do we plan do this? we hear you say...

Well, in our mind, it’s pretty simple. We need to build a strong community between the towns, the businesses and the visitors in Lunenburg County.

Connect The Dots

We start by bringing all the awesome businesses in Lunenburg County together. We do this by signing all the businesses up to appear on our interactive map.
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Step 01

Build Relationships

We then need to get the businesses building stronger relationships and supporting each other. We do this by hosting monthly in person events.
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Step 01

Create Experiences

Together, if our businesses can create amazing experiences for our visitors, we all win. Great experiences = more visitors returning = stronger community.
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The Team

Who are we anyway? Well, we are just two normal guys, trying to make a difference in Lunenburg County. Why? Because we love living here and want to create a great place for our kids to grow up.

Sebastien McSween | Marketing Director | The Dots

Sebastien McSween

Founder / Marketing Director

Sébastien is Mr.Creative. A painter, sculptor, photographer, illustrator, there is pretty much nothing this guy can’t design. Above all, he is a proud father to an amazing daughter, blessed to have found his soul mate and grateful to be living where he grew up, close to the things that matter most, his family and friends. Sébastien is passionate about his local community and is excited to see what a platform like The Dots can offer.

Dave Thomson

Founder / Technical Director

Dave is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. The founder of multiple businesses, from a co-working space to his own boutique web design company. Dave loves to code and is responsible for all things tech on The Dots. With 2 young kids, a beautiful wife, 2 dogs, a cat and a hamster on the way, life is busy but fun right now.

Our Origin Story

Stories are a massive part of The Dots, so here is ours…

Amos Pewter 2009

"A long time ago in a gallery not so far away....", a young designer by the name of Sebastien was plying his trade in the world of design. Little did he know, that these skills were exactly what The Dots need many years from now.
Chapter 01

The Hub 2012

Meanwhile, just a few doors down the road, Dave was cofounding The Hub South Shore, a coworking space for entrepreneurs. This is where Dave really started to see the value in networking and building a strong business community.
Chapter 02

The Church Carpark 2023

As Dave stepped out of his house, he saw this adorable little man with the cutest little hat, and thought, I have to go chat to this little fella. And boom, a beautiful friendship began, and not too long afterwards The Dots was born.
Chapter 03

The Launch 2023

After multiple coffee dates, The Dots was launched. The first iteration had events, jobs, businesses, all kinds of stuff. Over the next year, we simplified the business and focused on getting as many businesses signed up as we could.
Chapter 04

Events 2024

At the start of 2024 we launched our first Dots Connect in person meetup. These events are networking with a twist, they are fun!! These events really help to strengthen the community as members bond over nice food and laughs.
Chapter 05

The Future 2024 ++

"To infinity and beyond..." The story doesn't end there, though, we have some pretty significant plans coming up. New website, better listings, shopper app, business app, there may even be a conference, stay tuned!!
Chapter 06
"Joining The Dots was a no-brainer for me, a great value for an affordable price. It is another great way to get my business on the map and in front of more potential customers, build trust and connect with an amazing local business community."
Brian Limoyo | Photographer Lunenburg County | The Dots
Brian Limoyo Photography
Wedding and Commercial Photography
brianlimoyo.com / @brian_limoyo