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Take Out BBQ - smoked meat sandwiches, tacos, sides and more with vegetarian options and a BBQ Store filled with rubs, spices, sauces, frozen meals and our Texas style pit smoked meats

The Founders
  • Luke Acker
  • Luke's interest in barbecue began when he married Mickey- a born and raised Texan. Mickey spoke fondly of the barbecues she grew up with-meats smoked in the pit since the day before, old-fashioned sides, fresh baked desserts and how everyone, young and old gathered together for a large, family style meal.

    Intrigued, Luke tried his hand at smoking meat on a charcoal grill; however, it was after he was given a small offset smoker that things really began to change. Cooking over a live, wood fire felt natural to Luke, and he soon found himself tending fires and smoking meat throughout the night - what a 20 pound beef brisket requires!
    The little smoker was quickly outgrown, so Luke built a 15 foot long traditional, offset smoker we named Betsy- after Davy Crockett's favourite rifle. With Betsy, Luke unraveled the delicate balance between wood, fire and smoke that defines traditional, Texas barbecue. The couple hosted cookouts regularly featuring Luke's smoked meats with Mickey's sides and desserts to willing family, friends and neighbours.

    Word about their tasty food spread and the journey to share Texas Pit Smoked meats began.

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