About The Dots

The Dots is a Business Directory and Interactive Map, 100% focused on the local Lunenburg County economy, helping small businesses connect with one another, and making them visible, so shoppers can search and find them for FREE.

So, what is The Dots?

At its core, The Dots is a business directory dedicated to letting shoppers find all the awesome businesses in Lunenburg County.

All of our businesses get a dot on our interactive map, hence The Dots…

But, it’s so much more than that, it’s a platform for all of those awesome businesses to connect and support one another.

Together we are connecting The Dots...


Businesses (Dots)

Who are The Dots?

We are just two guys trying to change the world, or at least Lunenburg County.

Sebastien McSween

Founder & Creative

Sébastien is Mr.Creative. A painter, sculptor, photographer, illustrator, there is pretty much nothing this guy can't design. Above all, he is a proud father to an amazing daughter, blessed to have found his soul mate and grateful to be living where he grew up, close to the things that matter most, his family and friends. Sébastien is passionate about his local community and is excited to see what a platform like The Dots can offer.

Dave Thomson

Founder & Tech

Dave is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. The founder of multiple businesses, from a co-working space to his own boutique web design company. Dave loves to code and is responsible for all things tech on The Dots. With 2 young kids, a beautiful wife, 2 dogs, a cat and a hamster on the way, life is busy but fun right now.